Saturday, December 6, 2014

Trust Them Not To Hurt You

There was a lot of discussion over the stupid college student who got mugged by a guy w/ a gun but didn't 'blame' the criminal because of 'white guilt'  He trusted in the criminal not to hurt him. 

Things don't always go that well.

Scenario:  Car full of suburban HS students decide to drive down I-80 a short distance to Gary, IN.  Particularly a crime/gang infested part of it in order to get some pot.  Enterprising dealer decides he has more need of their cash/property than they do and pulls out a gun.  Teens speed off.  Enterprising individual unloads his revolver into the car killing a 17yr old girl.  When arrested, he claims they pulled a gun on him first but no other weapon was recovered.

Moral of the story.  Criminals are dangerous and you can't trust them.  Watch COPS and you'll see countless vignettes of sting deals where the dealer tries to rob the cop.  Putting yourself into a dangerous area around dangerous people is going to eventually end badly. 

Disclosure. While I don't know the victim, I do know some of her family so this is somewhat 'close to home'.

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