Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Images Of The Antis

What they need to believe:

This was posted by the lily white folks at the CSGV.  They need to convince themselves and their followers that gun owners want to kill 'federal agents' and hate all minorities in order for their meme to survive while ignoring all the racist rhetoric and discrimination pushed by their own commenters. 

For years, the Hutu's in Rawanda referred to Tutsi's as 'cockroaches' in order to make them seem less than human.  

This is how they want to see us as well.

(meme blatantly stolen from GFZ)

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1 comment:

Sigivald said...

Left unsaid in so many "it was only a BB gun" comments is that every time I've seen that happen, if you look ...

It's an AirSoft that looks exactly like a real autoloading rifle, be it an AK or a SCAR.

And it almost always (except for the guy in the WalMart with the overreacting busybody) has the colored "I AM A TOY!" tip removed.

There are two reasons to do that:

1) Wanting to look tacticool and being completely stupid and reckless


2) Wanting people to think it's real.

When cops think it's real because you're carrying a very realistic replica gun, well... it ain't Johnny Law's fault he fell for your ruse.

Don't carry realistic looking fake guns in public, ideally. If you must, drop them and put your hands up if police come near you.