Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Days of Our Trailers: 2014 Year in Review

Blog Stats for the year 2014

A drop of about 30% compared to last year due to lack of posting and burnout. 

None of the analytics are working for me w/o me downloading GoogleChrome so that's just a top off for the year.  This year between New Years Eve of last year and a few weeks ago, we've lost 6 cats between us, my mom, and my in-laws including my beloved Eris kitty, our kids' favorite Loki and the wife's favorite Crazy to coyotes and three others from old age.   

Most of the summer and all of our savings was spent fixing the roof which went from a re=shingling to a complete tear off and re-decking. Our wonderful economy has people holding on to their cash so the flea markets and gun shows have been dismal. 

Some of the good things this year. Several KS's have come to fruition including Robotech Tactics and the dice chest along w/ attending GenCon for the first time and the finally released OGRE expansions.

For the most part though I'll be well rid of 2014 and will knock the dust off of my shoes as I exit. 

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