Monday, December 29, 2014

Chicago Culture In The Spotlight....

Friday Night....

A group of thugs starts a fight and gets Navy Pier shut down during peak tourist hours. 

Shortly after, a big fight breaks out at the 'Rock 'n Roll' McDonalds downtown. 

Saturday Night....

A group of thugs start a fight and get Chicago Ridge Mall shut down during peak shopping hours. 

I grew up near there.  Years ago, Evergreen Plaza was one of the nicest and largest malls in the US.  Then the gangs moved in and huge fights started breaking out, especially at the movie theatre.  People stopped going and it eventually closed down.  Ford City was a huge mall/shopping plaza.  Multiple movie theaters, the works.  They spent millions on a renovation back in the late 80's/90's bringing in top of the line stores, new age art, etc.  Then the gangs moved in and people stopped going. It's still there and they're planning another huge 'modernization' but I'll bet you it fails.

Now Chicago Ridge Mall is going in the same direction.  I used to hang out there when I was a teen and even worked there for awhile after I got out of the Navy.  Nice, safe, family oriented place.  Now the gangs are moving in and trouble is becoming a lot more frequent. The nicer stores will move out and the place will start falling apart. 

This is Chicago culture. 

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