Saturday, November 15, 2014

ROBOTECH Tactics Has Arrived

Outside of the whole 594 thing in WA and the petition in NV, the gun front has been relatively quiet and I'm not in the mindframe to deal w/ politics. Others have been dealing w/ the UBC issue better than I've been able to so I haven't spent much time writing about it. Instead I've been dealing w/ work and looking forward to the new ROBOTECH mini's game to arrive which, after countless delays, it finally did (Wave 1 at least).

Cat was already present.  Opening it up. I got the 'Showdown' package so x2 of everything.
Of the core boxes, I opened up one.  I'm debating whether I'm going to gift, sell, or piece out the 2nd.

Main box:
Opened up , most of the items were sloppily loosepacked but all the accessories were present and there didn't seem to be any damages:

 Sprues (per box).  5 veritechs in the three forms (+1 battloid), 12 battlepods, , 1 ea recon, officer and recovery pod, 2 Excaliber/Tomohawks, 2 Raider X/Defenders.

Game accessories including cards, dice, stands, decals, and rulebook etc.
Then I tore open the KS bonus bags including tons more veritechs and battlepods and including artillery pods, Gladiators/Excalibers, Phalanx/Spartans, and accessories.

Now comes the assembly, painting, etc which it what I dislike most about minis and why I have others take care of it for me.  Until that gets done, it will be rule reading and devising tactics for the game.

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That'll keep you busy!