Thursday, October 23, 2014

"...And Light Reflecting Off Venus...."

Seriously, THIS has got to be the stupidest attempt at defending a screw-up since Will Smith in MIB:
Phoenix Air said the transfer was routine, insisting the coordinator kept proper distance from the patient and that “compression” from the telephoto lens made have made it look closer.

So 'proper distance' from an Ebola victim is w/in 6'? 

We're screwed.

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1 comment:

Dan said...

Realistically the dweeb with the clipboard was in no danger. The patient was in isolation garb wearing a mask. They were outdoors....and UV from the sun is extremely efficient at killing pathogens including Ebola. He was nowhere near enough to catch anything even if the patient was not wearing a mask and he did not have direct contact with the patient. Looks stupid ONLY to someone who doesn't grasp the fundamentals of the issue. And it also gives the media something to rail about INSTEAD of what they SHOULD be hollering over...the lack of a quarantine on flights out of Africa.