Monday, October 20, 2014

Chicago Cultural Festival at Uof I:Champaign-Urbana

The ABC7 I-Team is reporting a rash of random attacks near the University of Illinois flagship campus. A safety alert for students was posted after Champaign police say five students were jumped and beaten by a roving gang over the weekend.
I discussed this a week or so ago but this bit was buried inside an article on ABC:
While police here have posted an alert for last weekend's attacks, crime records reveal there were at least three similar unprovoked muggings the previous Saturday - among 45 assaults in the area since October 1.
The C-U police specifically say it resembles a 'big city gang initiation'.

More of that 'Chicago Culture' spreading throughout the state.

H/T to GSL

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Sigivald said...

three similar unprovoked muggings

Is there such a thing as a "provoked" mugging?

(I can see "provocation" for various crimes, but not variants of robbery...)

lee n. field said...

This kind of thing went on when I was there (last, late '80s early 90s).

It didn't help that the Screw of I campus butted right up against the bad part of town. I assume the situation hasn't changed.