Saturday, September 20, 2014

Behind The Shield

No shooting in today due to honeydoo's but I did get some gaming in this afternoon. The painter came down today for a short session instead of the usual Sunday because he's helping a friend move furniture.

Continuing the 'Keep on the Borderlands' adventure,  the group explored a larder in the Kobold's lair.  I really had to emphasize 'Don't eat the meat' as several bits were recognizably humanoid.  They then backtracked and ran into a room filled w/ diseased rats.  The cleric and dwarf knight both got infected from bites, forcing them to withdraw back to the keep to recover from the intense, negative modifier inducing nausea. Several game time days later, it was decided to go back to the goblin cave.  Following the same route, they quickly dispatched the replacement guards and moved onwards. A fumbled 'prowl' role alerted the rest of the tribe lounging in the common area.  Many cries of 'BREE-YARK' were heard.  FYI, this does NOT mean "I surrender".

During the adventure.  My buddy asked if he could retroactively buy something he forgot to pick up during the recovery time at the keep.  I made him use the 'big die' and roll Save vs GM. He got an 18 so I allowed it.  Damnit.

The daughter also asked me what it's like to GM.  I told her it's like trying to weave a story that gets the players completely involved. The view is a lot different though:

Following the game, I took the spawnlings to the park to burn off some energy.  On the way home, the mail revealed a much wanted DVD, the H&H/N1 movies. 

Maybe tomorrow some shooting can be accomplished around all the usual unpleasant chores like laundry and paying bills. 

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