Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Short Movie Review: The Gamers: Humans & Households / Natural One

These are two mini-series set in the world of 'The Gamers' movies w/ many of the same characters and cast.

'Humans & Households' is a role-playing game for heroes and adventurers to use to escape their daily life of slaughtering orcs and killing dragons.  You can take on the role of 'Nurse', 'Student', 'Athlete' and other mundane jobs while you attempt to cross the street w/o getting run over or get past the guard dog in the kitchen.

This 3 part series had tears running down my eyes.  Take your normal group of gamers and turn it on its head.  Then throw in enough social commentary to tick off everyone at least once and you have a winner. 

Natural 1 is a direct spinoff from the movies.  'Gary's' sister is getting married but they have to test the potential groom to see if he's gamer material by running him through a live or die Cyberpunk campaign. 

While not quite as funny as H&H, it definitely has some funny bits in it, the story keeps you involved and the campaign itself is classic Cyberpunk though I could definitely give them a hand w/ some of the puns.  I'm wondering what they're going to do w/ the 'knitting club' bit in the beginning and if it will spawn a mini-series of its own. 

4/5 stars and will definitely be watched again.  Looking forward to getting the DVD propper to see if there are any 'extras'. 

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