Saturday, September 20, 2014

'Suspected' Terrorists Bad... 'Actual' Terrorists Deserve Rights

The hypocrisy of anti-gun advocates is amazing.  Recently 'Senate Democrats' blocked a bill authorizing the stripping of citizenship of those who join/actively an organization designated as terrorist citing 'fundamental constitutional issues'.  ThinkProgress declared it a slippery-slope which 'lowers the threshhold' and will open a 'can of worms'.   
 the administration would do well to look at all the possible losses of freedom that could come from passing the Expatriate Terrorist Act into law.
Basically they're saying they don't trust the government not to misuse this authority to strip people of their rights.  And they have a point.

Now from the other fork of the tongue, each and every single one of these politicians and organizations SUPPORT stripping fundamental constitutional rights of those on an arbitrary, error-ridden, and secret gov't watch list.
 According to government data, however, many other known or reasonably suspected terrorists have legally bought weapons since 2004, thanks to the “terror gap” in federal law:

It's just a fundamental right they don't like.  So they're not overly worried about the government misusing this authority to strip people of it. 

I guess cub scouts are 'reasonably suspected terrorists' when it comes to TP but when it comes to people actively running w/ terrorist organizations killing hundreds and thousands, well, that's different.

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