Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Why Legislators Spend Time On Pro-Gun Bills

In one word, Bloomberg.

A PSH 'Editorial' in Philly is lamenting the fact that the PA legislature is spending part of its 10 day session discussing two gun bills.  One banning localities from making stricter laws than the state and the other about allowing teachers to protect their students on campus.  Mostly an attack on the 'paranoid NRA' type rant.  Then this:
Mind you, the kind of laws that we're talking about that cities across the state want to impose aren't laws prohibiting gun sales.
Well that's mighty white of you.  

They're laws that, among other things, require reporting lost and stolen guns, or ban assault weapons, or prohibit guns in parks.
Oh, so 'among other things', the proposed anti-gun laws ARE trying to prohibiting gun sales by banning huge swathes of firearms and adding in every other restriction they think might stick.  All of this funded by Bloomberg and his bought and paid for nannies.

So thank you for showing exactly why the legislature is having to do what they're doing.  If it weren't for groups like Bloombergs and the Brady Campaign, this wouldn't be an issue at all.

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