Monday, June 23, 2014

While Chicago Burns

Rahm Emanual works tirelessly to keep gun shops banned in city limits and the CPD are spending countless man hours to artificially reduce crime numbers.

Meanwhile a typical weekend in Chicago:
Both men are documented gang members, police said.
 a vehicle pulled up, and several people got out and opened fire, police said. (iow, gang/drug related)
Police said the man is a documented gang member.
 The teen is a documented gang member, a police source said.
Do we see a pattern on who's committing the overwhelming majority of crimes and who Rahmbo and his CPD toadies are blaming? 

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drjim said...

Of course we see it.
It's not in the agenda of the lamestream media to report it, however.

Unless it involves children, crazed people, or other agenda fitting requirements, they stick on page 99, and let it quietly fade away.

Steve: The Lightning Man said...

But...but...but....we neeeeeed mo' better gun laws because guns are bad! It always slays me (no pun intended) how most every gun-crime mecca is also in the middle of a leftist gun-controlled stronghold. Liberal Fail for 500, Alex.

Anonymous said...

But He was turning his life around……,0,5333645.story