Monday, June 23, 2014

$55 Million of IL Tax Dollars Flushed

Quinn uses $54.5 million dollars to buy Chicago votes w/ a 'We're doing something' 'anti-violence' thing that collapsed after two years that had more to do w/ embezzlement and paying criminals than actually reducing crime.

So Quinn's administration doubles down w/ one of his political appointees paying the Univ. of IL at Chicago another half million to do a 'study' that didn't actually study anything in a 'no bid contract' when they were offered a FREE study by the University of Chicago.  Unsurprisingly, Quinn's office is now trying to throw said appointee under the bus.

So when the politicians are screaming about having to raise taxes/fees or they're going to close schools and get rid of police, remember what they're really spending the money on. To line their own pockets and claim they're 'doing something'.

And THAT's why I will not support ANY increases.

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