Tuesday, June 24, 2014

What They Think Of Us (Collected)

Is it just me or do there seem to be more and more anti-gun pundits advocating for violence against gun owners in order to prove gun owners are violent as well as attempting to dehumanize firearm owners?

Susie Madrak: At What Point Do We Shoot The Gun Nuts? (TTAG Link)

This Deranged Radio Show Host Wants To Trick Police Into Killing Open Carrier Protesters

Quote of the day—Ron *Ron-DMC* Hall @RonHall46
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Meet Tiffany Miller, Professor of Low Information Voters

Add more.

8 Things Guns Compensate For (Besides Your Penis) 

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Charles Lee Scudder said...

I have one issue with the list. Tiffany Miller, if you actually go to her FB you realize one thing. She has less friends then any Brady, MAIG, or Bloomberg backed group. She has 2 friends. In this day and age on Facebook that is next to impossible. My great-grandmother has more friends on Facebook. This leads me to two idea's: one this is a troll of the highest caliber, or two that this is a trans persons trans page. An increasingly rare thing these days, and one that almost always has more then a few transgender references, likes, and connections.
In short I think we're being trolled probably.

Old NFO said...

Now if WE tried to say any of this, there'd be an outcry for our arrest/prosecution/deportation in about 15 seconds....

KS Gunner said...

Just a tip when linking to anti sites use http://www.donotlink.com/ to keep your links from giving them page views.