Sunday, April 20, 2014

What's Faster Than A Speeding Bullet?

The stupidity of Bloomie's new anti-gun group 'Everytown for Gun Safety'.  Take a look at their latest attempt for a meme:


See anything wrong w/ this picture?  Seriously, how ignorant are their hired guns to keep dropping this many balls?


I spoke to soon.  They have gone full out stupid:
What can you say to this?  Think there's any 'reasonable', 'common-sense' measures going to come out of this?

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The Jack said...

Here's my (semi-joking) theory.

Bloomberg's getting on in years, and he's openly said how he thinks this is all getting him into heaven.

And this is what he'll publicly say.

So maybe an underling has take his desire for "legacy" and used it to push him to go for another financial push.

Sure 50 million isn't much to Bloomberg, but for this hypothetical underling...

Especially if he goes cheap on the graphics and astroturf.

So the underling runs this program but runs it on the cheap and skims.

And really, who'd know the difference?

Erin Palette said...

My cynical response is, "What does it matter?"

The people who know the difference and see that it's stupid aren't going to be swayed by the propaganda anyway. The people who are gun grabbers don't know the difference, don't CARE to know the difference, and think the ad is wonderful.

So that just leaves the undecideds in the middle, who (unless they are hunters and therefore Fudds) won't know the difference and have a 50% chance of saying "So what?" when you explain it to them.

I still think it's a better tactic to say "These yahoos include 'police shooting criminals' in their gun violence metric. Think very carefully as to whether or not you want to disarm all the police just to reduce this nebulous statistic."

Thirdpower said...

Well there are those who are in the middle and DO know the difference (like I was many moons ago) along w/ solidifying support of those on 'our' side. Ex. are those who have put off signing up for their preferred pro-gun group or have let their memberships lapse.

Anonymous said...

Gee i dunno. Do you see anything wrong with this picture. Or perhaps this one.

Rob Crawford said...

Erin, they don't just count criminals who shoot police -- they count terrorists shot by police as "victims of gun violence".