Sunday, April 20, 2014

More Nice Weather In Chi-raq

Last weekend I prophesied that the nice weather would bring the rats out of their holes.  I was right.

In violent weekend, at least 7 dead, 31 wounded in shootings across Chicago 

5 kids hurt in drive-by on South Side 

Now these numbers will be added into the anti-gun fanatics death by gun pools (of blood) that they will trot out when they call for registration, licensing and more gun bans.  But take a look at the reality.  These aren't children finding their parent's gun and having accidents.  These aren't FOID/CCW holders going ballistic over parking spaces or neighbors' dogs crapping on lawns.  You know, all the things that happen 'many' times w/ the PuSH'ers' hard numbers.

These are lifelong criminal thugs using cheap .38's or 9mm handguns they either got through straw purchases from family/SO's, stolen, or are 'community' guns stored for just these occasions.  They are shooting into playgrounds and schools to kill other criminal thugs and hitting small children.  They are wandering the streets at night w/ their criminal thug friends looking for other criminal thugs (or anyone in the wrong place for that matter) in order to gain some 'rep. or just for kicks.

They've already broken countless laws yet all these stupid anti-gun organizations (and be honest, that's all they are) think one more law will make these kinds of people (and I use the word loosely) think twice.  The anti-gun groups point their fingers at the NRA and the tens of millions of firearm owners who AREN'T shooting up their neighborhoods, using anecdotes as their argument, when it's weekends in Chicago like this that are the default. 

You won't see them protesting outside of a Vice-Lord hangout or in Englewood/Back of the Yards neighborhoods to 'reduce gun violence'.  Instead you'll find them outside of NRA headquarters or the ISRA range before they head back to their gated communities and private security.  

Stalwarts of gun control are 'True Believers'.  These facts won't deter them from their hate and bigotry. But maybe it will encourage some 'fence sitters' to stop paying attention to them.

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Firearms Safety Training MA said...

Schools should be in gun free zone and good security systems should be maintained to avoid any entrance of any intruder.

Thirdpower said...

Um, schools in IL ARE 'gun free zones' as well as every other school that has been shot up.

Robert Fowler said...

Every time I read something like this, I picture Wayne LaPiere with a large overcoat, out in the getto going, pssst to some gang members. Then I laugh And continue to ignore the liberal idiot pisswits.