Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Another 'Everytown' FB Hoax or Damage Control?

So after Bloomie realized they hadn't secured the FB domain names for his stupidly named group, pro-2A ones popped up all over the place.  Bloomie sicked his lawyers on the main one, forcing them to shut down but they came back up later.  Unconfirmed reports are they're going after regional ones now.  

A new 'official' one came online under the name 'Everytownforgunsafety.org' which quickly became a progun stomping ground.  Now the MAIG 'Demand Action' page has been transformed into an 'Everytown' page but still has the 'Demand Action' header and this is the one the 'everytown.org' website links to. The everytownforgunsafety.org website redirects back to the Everytown.org webpage.

So is the .org page another spoof?  If so, why hasn't Bloomie shut it down?  If it isn't, have they realized the name has already become toxic so they're shying away from it?  Did they set it up as a red herring to distract gunnies from the real anti-pages?

Inquiring minds want to know.

Update:  EGS claims it's a hoax.  

Update 2:  Aaaaaaannnnddd it's gone

The main webpage now links to 'EverytownUSA' on FB, a partial renaming of their 'Demand Action' site. The comments are typical of an anti-gun site.  Insults, character attacks, bigotry and calls to ban guns. 

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Anonymous said...

It's very odd. The two pages have very specific posts and pictures that I would think is not easy to spoof, especially since the first page appeared before the demanding moms' conversion of their page. Very odd.

The Jack said...

So... they'll shut down pages that use a variant of the Everytown name that are solely devoted to gun safety right quick.

But... a page that uses their logos, uses their url, and claims to *be* them, gets to hang around and is only noticed when the postings become too mockable?

Either these guys are asleep at the switch or this is some sad kind of damage control.

But given how they whiffed in the first place....

K. Rihanek said...

Bloomie is the J. Edgar Hoover of our generation.