Friday, March 14, 2014

Why Own a Gun?

Because there are people like this in the world:

Teen Gunned Down After He “Accidentally” Kicked In Door, Attacked Homeowner
 The district attorney said that Ramon was known in the neighborhood… and not for his hugs

Woman Stops Burglar, Holds at Gunpoint 23 Minutes Until Police Arrive
  In short order she found Joseph Baker in her home; he had broken through two doors to get in.

Seattle teen kills man for cellphone — then complains the device is too cheap: cops 
 “He said that the man had seen his face, and he had to shoot him,” a detective wrote in court papers, the newspaper reported. “He showed his companions the phone he had finally taken from the man and expressed his disappointment that it was not a nicer model.”

Dad bites off infant's nose, police say
 "The investigation revealed the father bit the child's nose off while he was crying and he was frustrated he was not able to ease the child's crying." Oviatt said.

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You know that first one is gonna be turned into a choirboy... sigh