Sunday, March 9, 2014

Russian Ammo Shortage? Who To Believe

So we've got Putin slapping around the Ukrainians and the West yelling "STOP!!! or we'll say stop again" leading some to speculate that the bear will stop shipping ammo to the US. 

“Russia Has Reportedly Halted All Exports To The US Of Russian Made Ammunition” 

... it appears that another supply pipeline may have been cut.
If you don’t already have it then prepare to go without or pay double the price or more in coming days and week....

That is about to change.
The largest wholesale gun & ammo distributors in the US have informed us in private conversation today that a massive scramble is on for all 7.62 as Russia has reportedly halted all exports to the US of Russian made ammunition.

If you’re one second late, you’ll be out of luck.

 OTOH, we have others saying these reports are BS:

 We called Tula USA moments ago, and they are reporting that it is “business as usual,” in their office. Bearing Arms also spoke to several distributors who also said that they are not scrambling for ammo as the various blog posts indicate. None of the distributors we talked to report having heard of any credible information that the Russians would stop the export of ammunition.

 I called the owner of Wolf Ammo (which is an American company by the way) this morning to see what I could find out about the status of imports. I was told that ammo is “on the water”, as are VEPR AK’s, and is headed towards the United States as I type this. I was also told that they have heard no news from Russia that their export agreements have been canceled or otherwise impeded.
So on one hand we have vague references to 'major suppliers' and 'private conversations'. On the other we have ACTUAL suppliers/manufacturers and public conversations. I think I know who I'm going to believe. 

Encouraging panic buying only makes us look like fools and puts money into those who are going to gouge you.  After SH, I saw some off brand AR's for $2k and other jackasses buying them. Ammo and mags going for 3-5x what they normally do and people snatching them up. Now that prices have stabilized, many of them are trying to dump their overstocks onto the market at what they paid for them and noone's buying.

Encouraging panic buying will just cause all this over again.  If you're out at the store or a show, yeah, pick up a few extra boxes.  Never hurts.  If you see a really good deal, get a case.  Should have been doing that the entire time anyway, not waiting in multi-hour lines to maybe buy it because you think they're going to ban it.

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joethefatman said...

If Jones was saying that water is wet I'd want three forms of proof before I'd even begin to think he might be right.

Anonymous said...

I went to two Walmart stores and one Sports Academy in the Dallas area on Saturday. They had a good supply except no .22LR.

.45ACP+P said...

Why would the Russians stop a profit making operation? The new manufacture earns income, the surplus earns income. This punishes whom? If someone were to punish another nation they would stop importation not exportation. Economics is only hard for politicians.

Billll said...

Russia is an economic basket case. The Russkies would sell us their mothers if we pay in cash.

Obama, on the other hand, might find it expedient to "punish" the Russians for their misdeeds in Crimea by banning the importation of Russian made guns and ammunition.

I probably shouldn't have mentioned that.