Thursday, March 13, 2014

Chicago et al Asking For Another Lawsuit

C(r)ook Cnty President Prickwinkle seems to think that the part of the law that says only the State Legislature can regulate handguns doesn't apply to him:
Watch for Preckwinkle to issue orders this week restricting about 6,000 Cook County employees who work in offices under the president from packing heat while on the clock.
“She is closing a loophole in the state’s concealed carry law,” a Preckwinkle source said. 
 “Preckwinkle is now expanding the policy by restricting weapon carrying while working outside of county buildings and in the field,” the source added.
I'm no lawyer but they're probably going to lose this one as well. 

They don't care about safety or 'reasonable regulations' or 'common-sense'.  They care about restricting/banning guns in any way they think they can get away w/.

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Old NFO said...

Cue the lawsuit in 3...2... sigh

Old NFO said...
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Anonymous said...

Toni Preckwinkle is actually a woman, but it IS hard to tell in some photos...

Chase said...

In other words, Preckwinkle, the Forest Preserve District, and the Cook County Health and Hospital System all consider the carry law itself to be a "loophole."