Sunday, December 1, 2013

Nihon Shipping Day 2: Packing Party

The guy that's been painting all my mini's came down today to help package up OGRE DE Nihon sheets.  I had spent most of yesterday printing out packing slips and address labels.

After hours of game talk and work, this is the result:
A nice chunk of orders to be taken to the PO tomorrow after the day job.  He also brought down some mini's he's painted for me.
Some old WH archers in Vatican Guard colors. 
Also an OGRE Mk IV in Multicam:
His reward for all this work (plus some of the other painting he's done for me)?  His own copy of OGRE KS edition and several Nihon sheets.

Maybe one day I'll actually find the time to punch out all the counters and play.

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