Tuesday, December 3, 2013

NYC's Bagdad Bob

But Bloomberg spokesman Marc LaVorgna said only a dozen NRA backers had called to complain.
“Every conversation I’ve had with a caller has gone the same way: They read the line the NRA asks them to read, then I tell them we support background checks on all gun sales — then they say they support that, too,” LaVorgna said.
Somehow I doubt that.  Did he happen to mention his group wants to ban most semi-autos?  Force all sales to go through FFL's which Bloomberg is also trying to sue out of existence?  That his 'background checks' also include a defacto registry, the same kind of registry NYC is using to confiscate guns they declared 'illegal'? No? Didn't mention any of that? Didn't think so.

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1 comment:

Patrick H said...

And I'm sure there is no mention of criminalizing "transfers" between friends and family.