Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Guns Have Taken Over Illinois....

So 'Illinois' took over the lower peninsula of Michigan.

Little known fact: No one actually knows what that state in the middle is.

at least according to some Brits asked to label the US states

The scary thing is most of these maps are more accurate than many US students could do.

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Chase said...

It's a big-@$$ country we live in, with fifty fiddly little states, and I'm surprised they knew as much as they did. It made me laugh when Arizona and New Mexico were transposed, and when Florida was mislabeled California (Disney parks are clearly responsible for that one).

hazmat said...

I'm glad you clarified that, I thought it was a college geography exam.

Greg Tag said...

I note that with ONE exception, they all knew where Texas was.

So, they know the important stuff.


Old Jarhead said...

That was hilarious. Looks like public school geography is taught in more than the US.

Sendarius said...

A lack of US geographical knowledge from UK citizens? Quelle surprise.

Turn about is fair play - how many US citizens could identify UK counties?

Australia is easier - land area about the same as the continental US, only eight states or territories, and only one that matters. :)