Monday, October 28, 2013

Simple Ideas For Simple Minds

Former Brady lawyer Dennis Hennigan put out a book lambasting 'bumper sticker arguments' by progun activists, most of which he made up on his own. 

Here's one from the gun banner side:

Yep. The NRA organized the gangs, shipped in the drugs and paid off the friends/family members to straw purchase guns to the city that had the strictest laws in the nation. 

Much easier to believe that than reality.  Hate is all they have.

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JayF said...

Gotta love Henigan. Why? He wrote:

"It seems undeniable that the opposition to reasonable steps to reduce gun violence is driven by a cadre of ideological extremists who obsessively communicate their views to Congressional offices, state legislators, newspapers, talk radio hosts and anyone else who will listen (including the Huffington Post!). When the NRA opposes extending Brady background checks to all gun show sales, or other sensible reforms, it is speaking for them, and only for them."

The NRA speaks "only" for "a cadre of ideological extremists"? The (now former) Brady VP and researcher says NOTHING about the NRA representing gun manufacturers? How can that be?

Simple: He wrote the above in 2009 -- before anti-gunowner activists switched to a DIFFERENT lie about the NRA.

Braden Lynch said...

He's talking about the 5 MILLION NRA members all being extremists and how they hound Congress and dominate the media. Funny, one would think that such a large group would be neither extremist nor silent.

The real question is why is the puny Brady Campaign and other anti-rights groups getting air time at all given they have the extremist approach of attacking our Constitution with a pitiful membership base?

Chas said...

The disarmament of the law-abiding citizens of Chicago is what empowered the criminals and thereby encouraged them to acquire and use guns. The NRA opposed that.

Rob Crawford said...

The people of Chicago are disarmed by the politicians at the behest of the gangs which fund the politicians.