Thursday, October 31, 2013

Help A Gamer; Buy A Game

According to Kickstarter, flash flooding in Austin, TX destroyed Steve Jackson (of Steve Jackson Games) 's house last night. 

Steve is an old school gamer and his company is one of the most hardworking and down-to-earth that I know of.  When I was in the Navy, in response to a request for a catalog, they sent me a box of stuff to entertain me and my shipmates.  The OGRE DE was designed as a loss just to put out a fantastic and loved game.

Go and buy something to help them out.

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1 comment:

Siege said...

Jeez. Seems fortuitous that I've got a list of GURPS books I want to buy large enough to overload the suspension on most small cars, although paying for such a stack is the real hard part.