Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Rambo and Quinn, Sittin' in a Tree


There's chatter that a 'deal' on that mandatory 3yr for illegal gun possession in IL is in the works between the 'NRA' and Chicago Mayor Rambo. 
Emanuel’s Statehouse lobbyists are engaged in serious talks with the NRA and the more strident Illinois State Rifle Association (something Daley would never do and vice versa) to try to work out a compromise on legislation to force convicted gun violators to remain in prison a lot longer than they do now. Emanuel is said to be actively involved by phone.
Why is this general bill opposed? Because all the IL Dem leadership have long been in the tank for 'gun control' and would jump at the chance to use a poorly worded law to throw as many firearm owners in jail for as long as they could.  What would you expect from a DA who has openly stated "“I don’t believe that people should own guns,” and “I would favor a law that no one could ever buy a gun”?

Our dumb@ss governor is sure to piss everyone off by pushing for another standard capacity mag ban.

Why should we trust any of them?  (except the NRA lobbyist.  Him I trust.)

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