Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Done W/ Sears Pt II

When it rains it pours.  Now it's the Kenmore fridge bought 1 yr and 2 weeks ago. Of course they won't cover it under warranty, the next available tech is in a week, and a half and if I 'reject' their estimate they'll charge me a $75 fee.

I'll be calling someone else in the morning.

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joethefatman said...

Our Kenmore fridge lasted 1yr and about 4 months and then started pissing on the floor. Pan under it was fine. Turned out to be coming from the inside.

JayF said...

For Once-Mighty Sears, Pictures of Decay

NY Times 10-30-13

When Brian Sozzi, the chief executive of Belus Capital Advisors, visited Sears locations in New York and New Jersey this month, he said, he found barren shelves, haphazard displays and badly stained carpets.

Also missing: customers.

“It’s just badness throughout,” Mr. Sozzi said in an interview. “Every store has something fundamentally wrong with it.”