Saturday, September 7, 2013

OGRE 6E: Nihon Inserts and Free Classic Counters

For DOOT readers who are also gamers/SJ Games OGRE fans, a bit of news.  The inserts for the Nihon: North American expansion have arrived and look great.

At least one of these will be added to each order.  A PDF download will be available here when the 6E becomes officially available and the Nihon sheets getting shipped. 

Many thanks to SJ, the OGRE crew and graphic designer extraordinaire 'Firehorse' for their contributions to this.

On another note, SJG is offering the OGRE 'Classic Counters' as a free PDF download on their E23 site.

Also up on the plate is a whole plethora o' mini's to be painted by my personal mini-painter including a Mk 4 (multicam), Mk 6 (ATACS Woodland), Ninja (black, duh), Dopplesodner (Soviet Flag), Msl Crawler (Soviet Olive Drab), Unit of 3 Super Hvy Tanks (E. German Blumentarn), Unit of 6 Msl Tanks w/ supporting infantry (Tigerstripe) along w/ various buildings.

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