Monday, September 2, 2013

Mom's Demand Action/CSGV/FB: Silencing The Opposition

Gun Control activism can only exist in an echo chamber.  When that echo chamber doesn't exist, anti-gun activists resort to censorship, blocking, banning, intimidation and harassment.

Proving this again is the ongoing situation at '1 Million Moms Against Gun Control, Inc.'  Anti-gun groups, specifically 'Mom's Demand Action' and the CSGV have been filing reports of 'harassment' etc. on any post that uses the names of their leaders.  Some FB admins have taken it upon themselves to continue the anti-gun policy of censorship and has been blocking the 1MMAGC page from posting, removing posts, etc. Allegedly, 'disciplinary action' was taken but guess what?  Happened again.
Attention 1MMAGC friends. Apparently we didn't shake ENOUGH chains at facebook, since all of our admins have been put on another "Time-Out". I have been added to this page as a temporary admin so I could let you all know what happened, and ask you all to share this post. Thank you.
Seems the slap on the wrist they got wasn't enough of a clue and more 'disciplinary action' is needed. This is anti-gun activism in action, run by the same people that will try to get you thrown in jail for following the law and were posting names and work information of pro-rights bloggers.

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Linoge said...

Funny. Back when Ladd Everitt was cyberstalking and harassing pro-rights webloggers on Facebook, I reported every single one of his posts doing so, and so did more than a few other people I am aware of.

Absolutely nothing happened.

I guess Facebook is solidifying their anti-rights stance.