Sunday, September 1, 2013

Heavy Metal Noiz

Some new minis to add to my OGRE collection although not as many as I'ld hoped since a bunch were out of stock. 

A Msl Tank/Mobile Howitzer unit w/ some supporting infantry.  I'm thinking these are going to be done up in Alpenflage.

A PE Msl Crawler w/ cruise missile.  This is going to be done up in the flat olive drab used by the Soviet Nuclear Forces like they used on the Topol launchers.  When they're back in stock, I'm going to get a PE Fencer cybertank and have it done up as a Soviet flag.

To pay for all these to be painted, my contracted artist is getting a pair of hardened command posts and a standard command post.  

For those who have ordered the 6E game and/or Nihon expansion, I've got the informational insert on order and the game is on the water from the manufacturer according to SJ.  Looking forward to getting the pieces and packaging them up for the OGRE fans who believed in this enough to drop their hard earned money on it.

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John Hardin said...

I know this is sort of a difficult question for the genre, but: about what scale are the Ogre miniatures? I trolled around on the SJ website a bit but couldn't find any mention of that detail.

I used to play Dirtside II, which uses 1/300 or thereabouts scale miniatures, and it would be neat if the miniatures were usable with either ruleset...

Thirdpower said...

Not difficult at all. The scale is 1/285. Probably the same as Dirtside.