Friday, August 30, 2013

NGAC: Oppose CCW Because NYPD Sucks

That is their argument.  The NYPD have crappy guns and can't shoot worth a sh!t so we should disarm non-police. 

Because no one can possibly be more effective or efficient than a gov't agency.  And we can always trust the gov't. 


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chiefjaybob said...

They take "stress shooting training several times a year...." [citation needed]

Archer said...

2nd chiefjaybob's comment.

I seem to remember a former NYPD officer weighing in on that particular event, saying that NYPD officers do min-quals once per year, wherein they shoot 50 rounds, standing still. And that the "average" officer misses 7/10 doing THAT.

So yeah, I'm not buying NGVAC's unqualified statement.

Anonymous said...

And let us not forget the impossible trigger weight that NYPD guns have:

All NYPD service pistols are “double action only” (DAO), meaning they have a two‐stage trigger pull for each round fired (unlike single‐action weapons, which can be “cocked,” resulting in a one‐stage trigger pull, which is smoother and easier). Additionally, all NYPD weapons are also modified to have a heavier‐than‐stock 12‐lb trigger pull; this diminishes the likelihood of unintentional discharges but also affects aiming.

Anonymous said...

How many police have shot bystanders?
How many CCW holders have shot bystanders?
Looking at a no-brainer here\
Paul in Texas