Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The 'Only One' Law that Slipped By...

Remember that toothless law that got signed by Quinn the other day?  The one w/ no penalties if you don't follow it and has never been enforced?  Well turns out there was another amendment added to it.  One that adds more exceptions/privileges to police that regular citizens aren't granted:
An active law
enforcement officer employed by a unit of government who is
denied, revoked, or has his or her Firearm Owner's
Identification Card seized under this subsection (e) may
obtain relief as described in subsection (c-5) of Section
10 of this Act if the officer did not act in a manner
threatening to the officer, another person, or the public
as determined by the treating clinical psychologist or
physician, and the officer seeks mental health treatment
 For all the talk anti's give to 'keeping guns out of the hands of the mentally ill' and attacking military veterans suffering from PTSD, every single anti-gun politician in Chicago voted for this.  Chicago based 'National Gun Victims Action Council' has so far refused to comment while at the same time claiming that the NRA 'supports guns in the hands of the mentally ill'.  Isn't that just special?  Double standards galore.

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