Sunday, March 10, 2013

A Conversation Starter

What's the best way to convince people you're not out to strip them of their rights and show you just want 'common-sense' gun control and reduce crime?  Why say that anyone who opposes your agenda is 'authoritarian', 'Hitler' and (funniest of all) 'intolerant':

They're not 'comparing them to Hitler' but they're comparing them to Hitler.  Duh.

I really like posts like this from the CSGV. It shows just how fanatical and out of touch w/ reality they and their supporters are.  Especially when they consider me to be one of the most dangerous people in the country.

Keep it classy Ladd.

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Phssthpok said...

Look up 'projection' on Wikipedia, and I suspect someone will have inserted a screen cap of that second tweet for illustrative purposes.

Old Jarhead said...

You need to design a T-shirt stating the CGSV thinks you're one of the most dangerous people in the US.

"Josh Horwitz of the Coalition to Strip Guns from law abiding Citizens thinks I am one of the most dangerous persons in the US. My (dog, cat, goldfish, whatever, agrees)"

Then make one for your readers and supporters.

Chas said...

We're Nazis because freedom is oppression. That's how they actually think. Nuts.

Allen said...

pro-gun "authoritarian"? seriously?

have they ever tried to get 10 rugged individualists to take the same compass heading?

it's like herding cats!

Braden Lynch said...

Let's see...the Nazis used registration for confiscation and then genocide later. How is CSGV different from the Nazis? They are still only on step one.

Funny my desire to have firearms has never made me want to force them on others. So, exactly how am I authoritarian?

I just want to be left alone while they can't rest until they pry my shotgun from my cold dead hands...

Phssthpok got the Projection thing right.

Anonymous said...

No, no, no, we're not "Hitler" Hitler. We're Democrats. I mean, sure, we kinda think like he did, but we're Americans. Uh huh.

Now then, you don't happen to have any unsecured assault guns laying around your house like Nancy Lanza did, do you? Where are your papers?

Sigivald said...

It's not so much the namecalling that bothers me there, as the complete lack of historical knowledge.

The Nazis were not pro-gun.

They were very marginally less anti-gun than the Weimar government (if only because they repudiated the Versailles treaty which was the basis for Weimar-era gun control laws).

The only people they let have guns, to speak of, were Party Members.

The idea that Hitler was "a pro-gun activist" boggles the mind.

(And the idea that it's "authoritarian" to demand the State not interfere with things is equally confusing.)