Wednesday, March 13, 2013

More IL Amendment Nonsense

They're still throwing every piece of crap they can at the wall hoping something sticks. 

'Lost and Stolen' penalties, nonsense about prohibited person access, handgun registration are just the ones that passed into HB1155.

Other crap they've tried again are magazine bans w/ no grandfathering onto a bill that confiscates the guns that uses them.

Just for those that still believe (or try to say) that 'we're not after your guns', even w/ the amendment that allows outright bans and confiscations, the sponsor said this:
"After all the talk, there's nothing that's been said today that would incline me to change the wording," Zalewski said. "I will not pull this amendment."
There were 57 votes in support of this.

So again, they are after guns. There is no compromise, discussion or 'common-sense' to this.  Any disagreement on this makes one an idiot and/or a liar.  There are no other options.

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Anonymous said...

Pardon my French. F-it Lets go over the cliff. Lets go constitutional carry.

ProdigalSon said...

What's up with the whole "a person under 21 may be denied a FOID wthout written consent of parent or guardian?" I thought 18 was the age of majority, not 21.

What bullshit. Pardon my French as well.

Rob Crawford said...

Surprised they didn't go for age 27 or whatever it is that makes you a "child" under Obamacare.

drjim said...

I just can't see this going over very well outside of Crook County, and maybe the "collar" counties.

I grew up in Northern Illinois, and I have a LOT of relatives who still go hunting and target shooting.

I don't think the rural folk will easily surrender their arms....