Monday, August 27, 2012

The Pants Say It All

15 yr old takes a gun to the first day of school in Maryland. Take a look at this model student:

 Yeah.  Pants halfway down his @ss, one leg pulled up. Wanna-be thug. I'm sure his momma's going to say he was a 'good boy'.

Maryland.  Universal background checks, licensing, registration, 1 gun / month, ballistic fingerprinting, waiting periods, ammo registrations, CAP laws, effectively no CCW. 


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Ron said...

Every day life gets a bit more demanding and uglier. I fear for my wife, my mother and my sister.

Where is Rev Al Sharpton & the POS Jesse Jackson to tell us this poor lad is the product of society for which we are all responsible.

Could it be double standards?

Old NFO said...

Double standard... Plain and simple...

Pawpaw said...

I have begun, in my curmudgeonly way, of calling-out the idiots with their pants hanging down that I see on a daily basis. A simple "Pull your pants up, you look like an idiot." works wonders in the checkout line, or on the sidewalk.