Monday, August 27, 2012

Spin & Lies: Gun Control's Bread and Butter

CSGV claims that open carry is legal in Florida then deletes any comments showing the correct information knowing they're lying to their supporters.

The NYPD police are 'highly trained' yet shot/wounded 9 bystanders so that means we need to make more restrictions on guns for civilians because they 'might' hurt someone if a similar situation occurs but hasn't yet. 

The NYC shooter's gun was legally purchased in Florida and he didn't register it in NYC so we need to pass stricter laws on trafficking. No mention that the legal purchase was 21 years ago.

 Illinois has licensing and defacto registration statewide so it's the fault of 'anarchists' (aka firearm advocates) that gang bangers use their friends and family to buy guns for them outside of Chicago where most guns are banned and the homicide rate is 5x that of the rest of Illinois.

Any Questions?

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Stew said...

The NYPD was a paragon of efficiency on Friday: They wounded nine people with the six or seven rounds that didn't hit the perp.

(The cops fired 16 times and hit the murderer 9 or 10 times.)

Billll said...

Were the cops guns fitted with the 10lb "New York Trigger"? If so, that certainly would not have helped.

Thirdpower said...

12lb from what I've read.

Stew said...

12lbs according to a cop buddy. Jeeze. Not accidentally shooting stuff is nice, but shooting accurately is nice too.