Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Gamers of the World UNITE!!

It is the PC's who own the the means of gaming. Break the chains of GM tyranny.

Yeah. I'm a born again gamer geek. I admit it. I've been re-reading all my old books, dusting off character sheets and  dice, having my mini's painted, etc. What really got it all going was my discovering the relaunch of one of my first table-top war games called OGRE through Kickstarter.  This weekend I am going to WorldCon '12 in Chicago hopefully getting my old copy of GEV signed by the designer, Steve Jackson.

During this rebirth, a friend of mine (the same one painting my mini's) pointed me towards a couple of web movies and shorts. The movie was called Gamers 2: Dorkness Rising. An indy film about gamers by gamers. I laughed my @ss off. He also pointed me towards a mini-series called 'Journey Quest', now on its second season.

All of this has been funded through Kickstarter and private donations and they're trying to get the funds for their third movie: Gamers 3 Hands of Fate.  They've got a week left and need more help.  I REALLY want this movie made and have pledged what I can. Here is a message from some of the cast:

If you haven't heard of these, give them a watch and pass it on to your groups. Then help them make the 3rd installment. It's worth it.

And a teaser trailer:

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