Sunday, August 26, 2012

Chicago Cultural Weekend

Between Friday and Saturday, nearly three dozen people have been shot w/ at least 6 dead. (Update: As of Sunday 9 dead, 28 wounded) People are wondering why.  It's simple.  The summer was really hot and the gang bangers, thugs and other criminals stayed inside. Now the weather's nice so they're out and venting their built up aggression.

Many of these shootings take place in the early morning hours.  2, 3 am.

Many also involve incidental criminal activity:
The girl was allegedly smoking pot with a teenage boy in the 0 to 99 block of West 112th Street, police said. The boy moved a gun, which fired and shot the girl in the chest, police said.
This is the common reaction:
witnesses were uncooperative with Area South detectives.
No entirely unsurprising w/ 'Stop Snitchin'  and the violence threatened against anyone who works w/ the police.

Remember folks. This is YOUR fault for owning firearms.

 And where are the 'Reverends' Jackson and Sharpton?  Oh right. No cameras. No 'Reverends'.

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Robert Fowler said...

That whole gun control thing is working well for them I see. At this rate they will break 600 dead for the year.

Chase said...

I don't understand how anyone could believe that it would be preferable to let murder continue than to speak to the police. There's some kind of huge cultural disconnect here.

Thirdpower said...

Because if they speak to the police, they'll be killed themselves by the gangs that rule the neighborhoods. That's assuming they're not part of the criminal activity themselves.