Monday, February 13, 2012

Youtube Comments and DFS

You really have to love the CSGV. They will grasp at ANY straw to try and dehumanize firearm owners no matter how thin. In their latest blog, they use comments from Youtube as a broad brush on how 'Pro-gun' people 'parent'. Obviously the author has NO experience w/ the depths of stupidity that comment sections delve to in that particular corner of the internet.

In their smear attack against the dad who destroyed her laptop for posting rude and disrespectful comments about her parents, they use 'Pastoral Counselor' Craig Hexham as an expert. This is the same individual who stated that DFS should be called for making a child eat his peas chicken and compares selling a gun w/o a background check to child pornography.

I don't know who he's 'counseling' but they are in a lot of trouble.

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Miguel said...

Small correction: Hexham implies that watching & cruising the net for child porn is less criminal than legally selling your gun in a private transaction.

Sean D Sorrentino said...

Second small (nitpicky, really) correction, Anti-Tango was trying to get his child to eat a small piece of chicken, not peas.

Cemetery's Gun Blob said...

I wonder what CSGV have to say now, since a 'government' agency support Facebook Dad's actions?

Robert Fowler said...

It was probably the child porn purveyor that called him in. What a bunch of idiot pisswits.