Friday, February 17, 2012

Pure PSH

PSH being defined as going into such absolute conniptions over anything firearms that you are likely to mess yourself, this is a textbook example from the 'Protest Easy Guns' FB page

This individual is from Arizona. Think about just how stupid that fact makes this comment. Arizona has been a 'Shall Issue' state since 1994, that's 18 years. It's been 'Constitutional Carry' for over a year and a half and this individual JUST NOW decided to stain her shorts over carrying firearms since there's been such a run on shootings in AZ Starbucks up till now.

And the 'Like'? Why the PEG-heads of course.

This isn't caring about reducing violence or crime, this is pure fear. Fear to the point that it is diminishing their capacity to function in society, iow these people are suffering from a mental illness and should begin to seek counseling.

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Pyrotek85 said...


Do they think we stir our coffees with the barrels of our guns? I gotta wonder just what they think it is that will happen, that won't happen in any other public place where she likely encounters people concealing weapons all the time.

Weer'd Beard said...

She better move to South Central LA where its "Safe"!

Dannytheman said...

I could not honestly live with a woman who tells me what to do like that! "I told him I don't want him in there either!"

Feminist bitch!! Can I say that here?

I'll take my boys where ever the hell I want!

BobG said...

A typical hoplophobe, stupid and clueless.

Weer'd Beard said...

Danny, to be fair I married one of those women.

My response was "Don't be silly!"that followed by facts and reading.

Now she carries a .38!

Now if she greeted that response with "Reasoned Discourse" I would have been a fool to continue my relationship with her....