Thursday, February 16, 2012

Toy Soldiers

You know what's really hard to find nowadays? Army guys. The little plastic soldiers we played w/ as kids. They used to be everywhere, now barely anyone carries them. Even dollar stores and drug stores rarely have them in stock (at least around here). I'm lucky enough that my mom didn't throw out the survivors from my many battles and my boys play w/ them now. Some of them are even collector's items.

About 6 months ago, I decided to try and change that. I picked up a few cases to put out on the tables at the flea markets and gun shows. Without exception, they could have had wings they've flown so fast. I've sold out several times. So for my loyal readers who would like to relive their youth or want a gift for the kiddies, here's what I have available:

The basic Army Men set: 40 2.5" soldiers in Green and Tan: $3 ea

The 'Big Bag 'O Soldiers': 100 2.5" soldiers in green: $5 ea

'Combat Force': The Most Popular Set. Includes Tank, Jeep, Howitzer, 2.5" infantry men in two colors and various accessories. $6 ea

'Military Playset': Large number of 1" infantry in two colors w/ 2 tanks, 3 jeeps, jet and playmat plus accessories. $6 ea

Don't forget to check out the Surplus and Patches that are available.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for the great info you provide on your blog. I read it daily.
The army men toys are not as rare as you think. I see them all the time at dollar stores, ToysRus, Walgreens, and etc. Still, it sounds like you have found a good item to sell at the shows.

Bob said...

No problem finding them here in NC, I see them in grocery stores when I'm shopping for food.

molonlabe said...

Congratualtions. You've just ended up on 6 more terror watchlists. :)

Glenn B said...

I just saw a bag of them at a K-Mart in Penn Station in NY City. It was a fairly big bag of them, with a couple of tanks too. The price was about $20 if I remember right. I was amazed. Heck, I remember when you could get a big bag of them with tanks and jeeps and whatever for about a $1.79 (and that was considered a lot of money).

All the best,

Anonymous said...

You have got to have some men. I hace a couple in my office supply closet a step or so from where I sit.