Friday, February 17, 2012

Paying Criminal's Medical Bills

Two anti-gun bills were introduced today in the Illinois Legislature. One is Rahm's handgun registration, the other is a tax on ammo. Here's the text for the ammo tax bill:
Amends the Use Tax Act, Service Use Tax Act, Service Occupation Tax Act, and Retailers' Occupation Tax Act. Imposes a 2% surcharge on firearm ammunition. Amends the State Finance Act. Creates the High Crime Trauma Center Grant Fund. Requires the 2% surcharge to be deposited into the Fund. Subject to appropriation, authorizes the Department of Public Health to make grants to trauma centers in high crime areas. Effective immediately.
So it creates another 'fund' which the governor can sweep from whenever he wants and will make grants to 'trauma centers in high crime areas', in effect, taxing target shooters and hunters to pay for crimes committed in (primarily) Chicago. Being that the majority of shooting victims are also engaged in some form of criminal activity and/or are criminals themselves, we would be subsidizing the medical bills of the criminal underworld of the city.

The only purpose of the 'handgun registration' is to add another $65 to the cost of a handgun and to create more criminals (a Class 2 Felony which also includes aggravated assault w/ a weapon, arson and manslaughter) when people don't register them or forget to re-register (unless you're a Chicago Alderman named Mell)

There is no 'crime control', this is another attempt to fleece firearm owners for every dollar they can while they try and make ownership as onerous and expensive as possible.

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