Friday, January 20, 2012

What That Flushing Sound Is...

"the industry is dominated by manufacturers, distributors and retailers who profit so handsomely from high-volume sales to traffickers that they will fight any serious effort to curtail them."
--Dennis Henigan, Brady Campaign
So the industry that is dying, is also making 'handsome profits' by selling to traffickers? Apparently traffickers must be responsible for the 10million + NICS transactions last year. But the stupidity doesn't stop there:
Given that "Fast and Furious" has come under fire because ATF may have allowed guns to "walk" into Mexico
Wow. talk about apologetics. 'May' have allowed? Seriously? That's the angle they're going to stick w/ even after the ATF has admitted to allowing it to happen, just not who in their agency to blame?

How long until the lights get shut off in the Brady offices?

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Sigivald said...

If there are high-volume sales to illicit traffickers, why aren't they getting caught?

Manufacturers have to do inventory control on ATF paperwork, don't they, as FFLs, right?

(Alternatively, apart from plain lies, maybe they mean perfectly legal "trafficking" like Colt's sales of AR rifles abroad to allied governments, with State Department approval?)

Pyrotek85 said...

"Manufacturers have to do inventory control on ATF paperwork, don't they, as FFLs, right?"

That's the most ridiculous part of their denial; the manufacturing numbers are coming from the ATF, not the NRA or 'gun lobby', and yet they still refute it. Unless they now think we bought the ATF with all our handsome profits lol.

Miguel said...

Dear Lord: Please keep them that stupid until they disappear.

greenmeanie said...

I love Denny! He's like your crazy uncle that you can't take out too often in public. You run the risk of him blurting out something really stupid and/or emabarassing.