Saturday, January 21, 2012

Effective vs Ineffective Activism

The CSGV put up a video on the lobbying in Virginia on MLK day, one by the VCDL, one by a collection of Anti's. The purpose of the video is to show how mean and nasty gun owners are and how peaceful and 'reasonable' anti-gunners are.

I saw something else. Watch the video. Listen to the reactions of the crowds.

The VCDL event had attendees cheering and participating. These are people that are going to DO something for their cause. People who are going to be active.

Listening to the other event, I agree w/ Ladd. There's a 'dramatic difference'. Outside of the prayers, the speakers received tepid applause that seemed forced (ie after Colin Goddard's speech) when they even showed it at all which says something else entirely .

Which group do you think is going to have more success in getting the public to participate?

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Sean D Sorrentino said...

Dude! Did they set out to make a video to prove the SCCC rep's point?

The SCCC guy said that "We revel in our cause" and "they mourn their cause." So then CSGV goes and tries to prove it?

Can you say "Bad Optics?"

I knew you could.

greenmeanie said...

I ALMOST shut it down at the 40 second mark because I couldn't handle the hippy dippy music track. Mercifully it ended as I was frantically grabbing for my mouse.

Sean hit it right about this vid.

LC Scotty said...

I would love to ask BayBeauty467 err... Grits.....err Ladexactly what his point was. Iget why they post obnoxious comments from "activists" like steamingpoopfart to Spangler. It's an attempt to make us look bad, and if steamingpoopfart had any sort of record with us beyond that one comment, I could understand how some might see it as a reflection of the pro-rights community at large.

But this, I didn't see/hear anything that would alarm anyone outside of Ladd's little circle.

BTW-anyone else think Goddard reminds them of Liev Schrieber?

Ken said...

The gun rights movement has been uniquely successful in comparison to other right-wing causes. This in spite of the fact that the GOP in the 1990's "distanced" itself from what they believed to be a lost cause.

Maybe other conservative movements need to follow the speaker's (Salter, IIRC) advice: revel in your cause, don't mourn for it. Every time I see the type of beta males that speak for the GOP at large I feel ashamed to be a member of the party.

The GOP needs to reach down and grab a pair, the way gun rights activists have.