Monday, January 16, 2012

@BradyBuzz Interns Can't Read

Or he's lying again:
Well outside of the fact that this 'study' is bought and paid for by the Joyce Foundation, let's see what it actually says:
The study found no Tiahrt amendment-related increase in the number of guns sold by all other gun dealers that were diverted to criminals.
The 'study' only referred to one dealer, a favorite of the anti's, Badger Guns.

So which is it Brady Campaign? Did you not read the entire abstract or did you deliberately mis-state the results?

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BobG said...

Could be either choice; they aren't very bright, and they lie on reflex.

Ken said...

What they're saying is a flat-out lie to begin with, but the very term "crime scene guns" is a misnomer to begin with. If a gun owner gives a friend a ride and is pulled over by the cops, and his friend turns out to have marijuana in his pocket, the gun owner's gun that he's carrying could be called a "crime scene gun." Most of these crime scenes were never used to shoot, or even threaten, anyone.

Mr. Weebles said...

What the hell are "Tiahart Amendments"?

These guys have no idea what they're talking about.