Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Jealous Shills Are Jealous

Joyce Foundation funded 'Media Matters' tries to make hay out of Wayne Lapierre claiming the NRA's money comes from its members.

They cite the VPC (also funded exclusively by the Joyce Foundation) and a Bloomberg hit piece article to show millions came from firearm businesses. What they selectively DIDN'T quote was this part:
Combined, sources such as fundraising, sales, advertising and royalties produced about $115 million in 2010, just over half the NRA’s $227.8 million in income, according to the group’s tax return. Most of the rest, about $100.5 million, came from membership dues. Other sources included program fees, sales of assets, investment income and subscriptions.
Now why wouldn't they put that part in there for their ADHD audience? Oh right, because that doesn't fit the narrative of the NRA being a front for the evil firearms industry (which they also claim is dying even though they're able to donate millions, makes sense, right? )

It funny that a 'media' group, paid to produce anti-gun articles by a political advocacy group w/o any grassroots attacks a group that has over 4 million members. But I bet they won't get the irony.

David Codrea has more.

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