Thursday, December 29, 2011

Why We Win

Even self proclaimed 'PR Professionals' who support gun control can't come up w/ a cogent argument or supportable evidence. Case in point, separate but simultaneous conversations:
NRA defends gun rights of TerrWatchList people, who bought 1,000+ guns in past sev years. Not worried about govt. records.
5 hours ago

So you support secret gov't lists depriving people of their civil rights w/o due process? Even against watchlists.
2 hours ago

Oh please, quit the fantasies! Some people can't stick with reality, have to create fantasy enemies and doomsday scenarios. So show the due process involved in the watchlist? Why does ACLU oppose it? What criteria for being on it?

The terror lists are the least of my worries. It's the felons, teens, other prohibiteds who do most shooting.
So once the buzz phrases were questioned, the topic gets changed.
See gun stats for 2010 from cdc. 12,632 gun homicides. Whose numbers are you using?

FBI UCR has 12,996 TOTAL weapon homicides for 2010. CDC #'s from 2007.
2 hours ago
BTW, here's the link to the CDC data. page 35.
Thanks. I looked up FBI UCR for 2010 and there were 14,748 total murders, but not specified by method.
3 hours ago
Except it is.
Didn't use CDC from 2007. Also, total weapon homicides could include other types of weapons.
2 hours ago

So your number just happened to be exactly same as 2007 data? Show the 2010 data then.
2 hours ago
No further comment on that subject. Shock. Then he resorted to character attacks by accusing me of supporting domestic abuse because the OOP/RO (acronyms he didn't even know) system is a joke.
Wait a minute. DV restraining orders? You must be pretty far gone if you're defending dv abusers.
1 hour ago

Nice ploy. What does it take to get an OOP/RO? Are accusations the same as guilt?
1 hour ago

U guys all argue same way. There is no 100% fix. Take the guns, put on NICS list, make it harder to go after women/children.
1 hour ago
He couldn't give any examples except variations on 'guns-r-bad' mkay' and then disappeared.

I feel sorry for anyone who hires him for their PR. They're in for a rude awakening.

UPDATE: He's back to play. Since he was unable to defend ANY of his claims w/ evidence, he's following typical SOP and resorting to character attacks. Oh, and he's a 'gun owner butt':
Judging by series of Tweets you sent, you're incapable of nuance. I am a gun owner, too. Paranoia kills reason.
21 minutes ago

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Pyrotek85 said...

What's mystifying is how they don't believe a lack of due process will ever be abused and end up biting them in the butt.