Friday, December 30, 2011

Advice To Brady Campaign: Take The Car Keys Away From The Intern

Otherwise he/she might be involved in a wreck.

Reminds me of our good buddy ATR.

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Weer'd Beard said...

All gun control advocates are Jadegold. Just some hide it better than others.

To support gun control in these days with the data available, you need to be stupid, angry, and narcissistic.

This is why the behavior of all gun-banner is so identical.

I use Jadegold as holotype because because Mr. Guy Cabot has never felt a need to disguise his ugly nature, while most others at least have a vague concept of tact and etiquette.

greenmeanie said...

Weer'd you forgot to mention mentally ill. Such as our favorite ranting loon japete

David Codrea said...

Not sure I embrace the intern theory-sounds a bit like saying the low level functionaries were able to get away with it because they don't have a permanent director...seems I've heard somebody else use that excuse recently...:)

Thirdpower said...

David: I put it under 'Intern' because they don't seem to have many others working there anymore. That and if you look at their twitter/FB posts, they can't be anything other than the work of unpaid college kids.

But I bet someone in their office is going to get their pee-pee slapped.