Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Duh, That's The Point

Opinion Piece Headline:

Our View: Gun law leaves prosecutors vulnerable
County prosecutors, who try to send violent people to prison for a living, can’t carry a handgun anytime they are on the work clock.
That's the point of all 'gun control', to keep as many people as possible (except actual criminals) disarmed and vulnerable. The poor and minorities are especially effected by laws like discriminatory licensing (aka may issue), 'safe storage' laws, bans on non-politically correct guns, expensive licensing/registration/training requirements, etc.

Then, when they are victimized, if the criminal had a gun, they can call for MORE 'gun control' to make even more people vulnerable.

Doesn't that make you just feel all squishy inside?

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Robert Fowler said...

This is what I left on their editorial;

Cornish says he sees no reason to expand the exemption to city attorneys who don’t prosecute serious misdemeanors or felony crimes.

If it's good for one it should be good for all of them. Sometimes bad things happen to good people, Just because they don't prosecute "felonies" is no excuse to deny them their rights

Cemetery's Gun Blob said...

Same thing here in NJ.

NJ and IL, perfect together.