Friday, December 30, 2011

We're Winning, One Step At A Time

Liberty University--Since LU announced the new firearms policy in late November, 64 students, faculty and staff have applied for permission to carry guns on campus, according to university officials. Liberty officials would not disclose how many applications had been approved, but said they received requests from 26 students and 38 faculty and staff members by semester’s end.

Liberty University Chancellor Jerry Falwell Jr. said the new policy has garnered widespread support on campus.

“The complaints have been almost non-existent,” Falwell said. “There were many, many thank-yous from students, faculty and staff … It was an outpouring of gratitude.”

The policy, approved in November by Liberty’s Board of Trustees, replaced a total ban of firearms on university grounds.
And when the 'blood in the streets' and 'wild west shootouts' DON'T happen, the anti's fear mongering and paranoia will seem just so many farts in the wind.

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